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High quality 28mm historical miniatures hand sculpted and cast in the traditional manner for collectors, miniature gamers and painters.


WARGAMES ELITE is  the sister site of SATANIC PANIC MINIATURES which produces exceptional 28mm multi-part miniatures based on classic fantasy themes,


I'd come up with the W.E brand in 2019, because, being a historical gamer, fantasy was not going to tick all my boxes, and it was, I was certain, going to end up with the production of historical models.


By chance, I was looking at building a Mongol army, and came across Barry Lee's range which just happened to have been sculpted by Martin Buck who, had produced all of the Satanic Panic Miniatures ranges for me.


E-mails went back and forth, and a few hors later like Victor Kiam, I was so impressed, I bought the company.


Wargames Elite was born.






So, I raided my piggy bank and bought an off the peg range of 28mm fantasy and science fiction cultists which were eventually sold to Athena Miniatures a few years later.


I had began to have ideas...


I wanted to produce fantasy figures which were as much fun as  the models I (and others) grew up with in the 80s.


In 2014, Satanic Panic Miniatures was born, and over the necxt 6 years, working with some talented designers and mould makers, 4 distinct ranges were launched and gained a loyal and enthusiastic fan base.


But I still had an itch...


Copyright 2012: Your company

I've been involved in historical and fantasy wargaming since 1981 or thereabouts and owned and managed Dungeons & Starships in the mid to late 90s, so you may say that I've pretty much lived and breathed wargames.


In 2011 I quit my job in the civil service on a  boredom driven whim and literally the very next day, next day set up as a full time miniature painter, and continue to be such to the present day.


In 2012, my first book about growing up in the 1980s during what was arguably the golden decade for gaming in general, was published.


Then, in 2014, I had the notion to start producing quality miniatures...




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